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Sports Injuries/Athletic Care in Mount Pleasant

People exercisingIf you’re feeling held back in your game, the help you need can be found at ChiropracticUSA. As a former bodybuilder, active athlete and Professional Fitness and Lifestyle Consultant, Dr. Murrin is fully qualified to help you return to health.

Working Through Your Injuries

Going to the medical doctor for an injury usually results in you being told that you’ve got to sit out for a few weeks. We know that not only does that affect your performance when you return, but it feels impossible! Your sport is your life, and there are ways to continue your routines without hurting yourself. Dr. Murrin will work with you to modify your workouts while you recover, and help strengthen weakened areas to get you stable and then strong. It’s your weakness, imbalance or over dominant areas that are leading to your injury. Once you restore that balance not only does performance drastically improve but your chance of re-injury drastically decreases.

Whether you’re a golfer, rower, cyclist, ballerina or play football, basketball or hockey, we’re ready to assist you. Contact our office today!


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